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Project overview and objectives

When an insurance leader came to us, they knew they weren’t getting the most out of their use of BlackLine. Recognizing a need for optimization, they engaged our team to help increase ROI. Here’s some of the challenges they struggled with:

  • Lack of scalability and highly complex processes, requiring a global redesign
  • Data issues that impeded ability to match and impacted go live in an important region
  • Lack of structure and alignment related to account groups, adding to the complexity of maintenance, unnecessary groups, and confusion for end users
  • Inability to maintain control and make data accessible
  • Prior performance challenges that affected the perception of current tools and established poor user adoption

What we did

We quickly took action, helping to:

  • Design a cutover and scalability plan that included Account Reconciliations, Task Management and Transaction Matching
  • Fix their policy to correct “bad data” by adding global filters at the data source level, rather than at each individual pass rule to their production instance
  • Maximize the use of dynamic grouping and create additional rules to pick up more transactions to match
  • Simplify elements of administration to reduce maintenance and free up time
  • Increase user excitement by advertising successes and helping reframe previous perceptions


And here’s a closer look at where they are now:

  • A redesign of their organizational and team structure and update to their key segment combination allows for future scalability, reduced complexity, and increased visibility and accessibility for leadership
  • Access controls increased tangible, real-time insight and enhanced security around their data
  • Over 250K transactions are automated, savings days’ worth of manual matching and freeing time for priority tasks

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