Improve visibility across business spending

Source-to-pay (S2P) touches every aspect of your business—from initial supplier research and negotiations to invoicing and final payment for goods received—yet it’s still a primarily slow, inefficient, manual process for many organizations. Unfortunately, that leaves you open to challenges—from a lack of data visibility to fraud, overpayments, and operational waste.

Overpayments, for example, are common control weaknesses that can cause overspending on the P&L. Our experience is that organizations typically overpay within a consistent range of 0.25% to 0.50% of their spend each year, which adds up fast. As part of our source-to-pay services, we identify prior issues for recovery, determine the root cause, and establish controls to govern processes moving forward.

Are you struggling with these challenges?

You may understand the benefits of touchless S2P, but are your old legacy systems, complex organizational structure, and sub-optimal processes holding you back?

That’s where we come in. Our source-to-pay services can help you overcome:

  • Siloed processes disrupting stakeholder collaboration and decision making
  • Manual processes that don’t scale leading to fraud, operational waste, overspending, and stagnated growth
  • Records and documentation stored across different platforms
  • Lack of supply chain agility and visibility
  • Inaccuracies around spend management causing confusion, increased fees, or fines
  • Aging or inefficient legacy systems leading to increased costs, overpayments, and redundant processes
  • Overpayments caused by duplicate or invalid liabilities or duplicate or invalid invoices

Together, we’ll uncover the root causes of your S2P issues and develop processes and controls that allow you to operate simpler, faster, and smarter. We’ll help free up your people for value-added activities and realize the efficiency, accuracy, and control you need to drive procurement, finance, and technology excellence.

Why Clearsulting?

Our source-to-pay services start by understanding the why behind your organization’s challenges to help you link the systems and processes you need to your long-term business goals.

Using our proven, technology-enabled approach, we’ll help you find a solution that streamlines processes and realizes savings. We can also implement needed technology in alignment with your existing landscape.

Here’s what we bring:

  • Extensive experience across source-to-pay pillars
  • A business-led and technology-enabled approach to helping your business realize touchless procurement
  • A team that rolls up its sleeves to find solutions to your biggest challenges
  • The right combination of resources, expertise, and methodology

With the right tools in place, you can use data to scale, minimize waste, and maximize efficiency, so you can quickly make decisions based on a unified view of your business.

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Our source-to-pay offerings

  • Supplier optimization and enablement
  • Spend and operational analytics
  • Procure-to-pay target operating model design

Go further with Clearsulting

Our source-to-pay services go beyond installation and implementation; we also focus on making your processes more straightforward and streamlined. We’ll remove manual effort, increase automation, and develop a governance strategy to optimize usage and compliance.

Where we stand out is through collaboration and innovation. We help you eliminate unnecessary steps, optimize the ones you need, and automate where possible across the S2P continuum. The goal? Making S2P as touchless and boring as possible.

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