Get more value from your risk management

From business strategy, operations, and monitoring to reporting and internal audit, you can create value for your organization and stakeholders through effective risk management and mitigation. How? For starters, conduct risk assessments that incorporate your strategic plans. These should drive integrated planning for risk trending, monitoring and reporting, and financial and internal controls audits. You can also use those plans to build an effective, strong, and qualified internal audit program fostering trust in its tests and results for business growth, strength, and prioritizations.

Nothing exists in a silo—especially your processes, controls, and risk universe. And in a dynamic regulatory landscape, there are always opportunities to remove manual activities, clean up your data, and streamline operations.

Are you struggling with these challenges?

Talent tends to be the biggest hurdle for internal audit teams—sourcing, hiring, retaining, and deciding where to locate it. Other challenges include:

  • Finding people with the right finance, technical accounting, and IT skill sets and experience
  • Using on-shore vs. off-shore resources
  • Being seen as a cost center and not a profit center by the broader organization
  • Achieving the right balance of mitigating and managing risk (e.g., preventative controls, detective controls, and corrective controls)
  • Having strong and effective oversight for internal audit and compliance
  • Preparing for SOX compliance—in the UK and pre-IPO

Our outsource and co-source internal audit support—along with our resources, tools, and insights—can help by augmenting your teams and bringing external perspectives and leading practices. We can also enhance your current operations and risk management through operating model design and risk and control matrix (RCM) rationalization.

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Why Clearsulting?

We provide attestation and assessment services, such as internal audit outsource or co-source, SOX compliance testing, SOC1, and SOC2 readiness, risk assessments, and risk and control framework maturity analyses.

Beyond that we bring:

  • Extensive experience delivering internal audit and compliance services
  • Unique, leading practice perspectives on how best to partner with organizations for risk management and internal audit services
  • Lessons learned from US SOX implementations and roadmaps to guide your journey
  • An approach that maximizes external audit’s reliance on our work and creates a strong relationship with business management and external audit
  • Functional and technical specialists for Workiva GRC implementations

Using the Workiva platform and risk-focused workspaces, we support audit, controls, and enterprise and operational risk management solutions. We also document processes and procedures, facilitate training, create reporting, and assist with stakeholder communications.

Our audit and compliance offerings

  • Internal audit outsource and co-source
  • SOX controls template design, recording, and testing
  • Compliance technology implementations
  • Automation and analytics

Go further with Clearsulting

By tapping into us for risk advisory and internal audit activities, you’ll be able to redeploy your team on value-add initiatives. We’ll also make recommendations on improving and automating processes across your business as we better understand how work gets done.

With an approach focused on helping you manage and mitigate risk to a reasonable, sustainable level, we set you up with a mature RCM and control environment that enables the business to achieve its objectives. View us as your guide, linking goals across strategy, operations, data reporting, and internal audit priorities.