Financial Close Services: Take control of the close.

Closing the books. Processing month-end. Whatever your organization calls it, your goals are likely the same: simplify the process and make it efficient to produce strategic insights to guide decision-making.

It’s difficult to do that if you’re still relying on spreadsheets full of hard-to-decipher data. Among other things, it requires using technology as a catalyst to gain control, improve efficiency, and reduce complexity from transaction creation through reporting.

Are you struggling with these challenges?

A lot of activities fit under the financial close umbrella—reconciliations, matching, journal entries, consolidations, and more. Clearsulting can help you overcome some of the inefficiencies in your current closing process:

  • A lack of defined processes leads to longer cycle times
  • Error-prone manual activities that increase risk and are difficult to scale
  • Limited access or transparency into real-time data
  • Reliance on old or outdated legacy systems that may not integrate with other systems

Ideally, you can get to a place of management by exception, where you can automatically match transactions based on set criteria and only look at the entries that don’t match up. With a digital platform and processes to support it, you can achieve that vision.

Why Clearsulting?

We’re here to help you reduce complexity across the close process. Using the technology you’ve invested in, we standardize templates, group accounts in a streamlined way, get all geographies following the same processes, remove duplicate activities and waste, address any bottlenecks, and give you a clear line of sight into ownership of activities.

Beyond that, here’s what we bring:

  • Technical and functional know-how across financial close services
  • Unbiased perspectives on technology’s role in achieving best-in-class financial close processes
  • Leading practices and solution acumen developed while working with some of the most mature finance organizations in the world
  • Scalability and focus to drive large, global programs
  • A continuous improvement mindset

Working with you, we’ll also maximize the automation capabilities in the technology to accelerate your close and achieve the control, efficiency, and insights you need.

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Go further with Clearsulting

Once you understand how your close process works, you can focus on how to apply technology to gain more insight and make better decisions. From there, we’ll help you adopt the right mix of process and policy change to get the most out of your investment.

Our market-leading financial close services and methods ensure your organization meets its goals and can evidence these successes while promoting user adoption, stabilization, governance, and controls. We pride ourselves on knowing how these elements come together in the close and being able to align them with your vision, culture, controls, and broader technology ecosystem.