Meet the values that drive us

We’re confident in what we do and how we do it. But that level of confidence only comes from a team that is ready to work together, communicate well, and show up even when the going gets tough. From day one, we’ve been committed to five values that guide our leadership, teams, and growth—and that have created the very company you see today.

Explore our core values for insight into our culture, vision, and people.


Our “run into the storm” attitude creates opportunities, solves problems, and drives successful outcomes. We never give up and never back down.

Growth mindset

We leave our comfort zone behind. We seek out challenges, explore new concepts, and do the hard things first.


We celebrate personal and professional successes and encourage the things that make us unique. We’re not afraid to be different.


Our clients, communities, and teammates can depend on us. We are capable, proven, and trusted.


Our mission is bigger than any one person; every team member plays a unique, important role. We embrace collaboration and empower each other to be our best.

Life at Clearsulting

We don’t leave our values at the door—they’re part of our everyday interactions and company culture. From empowering the women on our team to giving back to our local communities and celebrating diversity, we’re committed to creating an inclusive and uplifting environment that supports all team members. Here are some of the groups we’ve founded to enact positive change in our organization:

  • Clearsulting Cares: Giving back to our local communities by serving those who serve others 
  • GRIT (Grow | Rise | Innovate | Transform) Squad: Providing professional development opportunities that encourage and strengthen the women leaders of Clearsulting 
  • DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Council: Promoting a work environment that celebrates differences and the power that comes from a diverse and dynamic team 
  • ClearFuture: Combatting climate change, staying accountable for the impacts of our business, and being mindful of overconsumption to create a sustainable future

We’re award-winning. So is our team.

We’ve built a recipe for success with our culture and refuse to put that at risk, even as we expand. We believe in providing opportunities and creating scalable growth that emphasizes our values—and so far, we’ve been successful. We celebrate our team members, stick to our word when we say work-life balance, and curate meaningful relationships that thrive.

Putting our people first

At Clearsulting, we encourage feedback—really. On a quarterly basis, we survey our team on what they’d like to see more of, what they think should drive our organizational focus, and what is and isn’t working. We take that into account and, in doing so, have celebrated one of our biggest wins: In a recent survey, the number one answer to the question, “What do you like about Clearsulting?” was our people. (It was followed very closely by our culture!)

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