What’s your cash position?

Your cash can (and should) do more for you. Relying on manual downloads and crunching numbers with outdated and siloed systems creates more than compliance headaches—it’s harder to compete and grow. If you don’t have the bandwidth or ability to make changes, we can help you embrace the power of technology and automation.

From analyzing your current state and identifying areas for improvement to implementing a treasury management system and mapping out the processes to support it, Clearsulting has you covered.

Are you struggling with these challenges?

Treasury departments aspire to be nimble, data-driven strategic advisors. But this often requires transformation across people, processes, and systems. Wondering if you might have room for improvement? See if any of these challenges sound familiar:

  • Manually compiling daily cash position worksheets and reports
  • Inaccurate forecasting and no metrics to ensure quality
  • Logging into various bank portals to make payments
  • Struggling to organize and maintain external and internal documentation
  • Lacking controls to monitor and prevent fraudulent and duplicative payments
  • Manually booking and reconciling accounting entries at end-of-month
  • Limited visibility into FX exposures and/or making a high volume of FX trades
  • No intercompany netting or lending programs
  • Requiring frequent IT assistance to troubleshoot issues and support day-to-day activities

Leveraging a treasury management solution can help streamline operations while reducing repetitive and error-prone manual tasks. With the right system in place, you’ll be able to automate repetitive tasks, minimize errors, catch fraud, and make room for value-add, strategic activities across your organization.

Why Clearsulting?

Our treasury management consulting services are designed to improve and automate processes across treasury and the office of the CFO. Here’s what we bring:

  • Leading practice perspectives on overcoming poor cash visibility, loose or absent controls, decentralized operations, and manual and time-consuming processes
  • Deep expertise in configuring treasury management systems to automate crucial tasks, including liquidity management, payments, bank reconciliation, cash and financial accounting, in-house banking, fee analysis, and fraud and compliance controls
  • Strategies to map and analyze data, glean meaningful insights, and become a more proactive organization through consistent, clear, and easily auditable workflows

Our flexible, user-focused approach to project management means you’ll have a team of experienced professionals who will help you uncover new insights that drive your business forward and inspire growth.

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Our treasury offerings

  • Current state assessment
  • Roadmap design
  • Technology strategy and readiness
  • Technology implementation, optimization, and process alignment
  • Treasury process improvements and automation

Go further with Clearsulting

Whether your cash is stagnating in low or no-interest accounts, or you have a decentralized treasury structure that creates compliance headaches, we’ll help bring more clarity and visibility to your numbers.

We’ll work with you to design and implement a treasury management system that removes compliance headaches so you can do more with your data, meet your goals, and maximize your ROI.