Clearsulting and Coupa: Touchless, timely, and trusted procurement

A lack of real-time visibility into your purchasing and payment data can lead to inefficient processes, fraud, and operational waste. Using Coupa, we work with you to maximize automation and improve processes, helping your business realize better cash flow and providing transparency over your source-to-pay (S2P) landscape.

By eliminating unnecessary steps, optimizing the ones you need, and automating where possible, your people are freed up for value-added activities. You also get the efficiency, accuracy, and control needed to drive your business forward.

Here’s how we can help with your Coupa implementation:

Why Clearsulting?

Manual processes can lead to a lack of data visibility and insights. We understand how critical it is to eliminate unnecessary steps, while automating and optimizing to ensure your downstream payments, upstream sourcing, invoicing, and master data are in sync and linked across systems.

Pairing the Coupa platform with process improvements, automation, and a governance strategy, we support procurement leaders in realizing better cash flow, controls, accuracy, and experiences.

Through a Coupa implementation, we’ll help you achieve the key pillars of S2P automation:

  • Aligning executives and teams around a shared vision
  • Curating accurate master data to improve insights and enable improvements
  • Designing effective cross-functional business processes
  • Developing a culture of continuous improvement
  • Implementing the Coupa business spend management platform

Beyond implementation, we also bring proven methodologies and best practices from our business awareness and process expertise that reduce friction points and drive ongoing improvements.

Rossum: Additional support where you need it

Our alliance with certified Coupa partner and intelligent document processing leader, Rossum, can deepen your S2P capabilities. Rossum’s advanced AI integrates directly with Coupa, automating the processing of your transactional documents for seamless end-to-end workflows.


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