Clearsulting and BlackLine: Embrace modern accounting

Record-to-report processes are notoriously difficult to manage given their broad scope, interconnectedness, and reliance on distributed resources. If you want to embrace a culture of continuous improvement where people are engaged and empowered to collaborate, it’s time to make the most out of your technology ecosystem.

We’ve delivered hundreds of record-to-report process improvement projects and BlackLine implementations that address features and functions, as well as a holistic approach to technology.

Here’s how we can help your BlackLine implementation:

Why Clearsulting?

We think beyond just getting your BlackLine modules in place. We start by understanding your needs and setting a roadmap for your goals and success metrics. We’ll guide you through the process improvements that will ensure your new technology grows and scales with you. And, we’ll help remove silos for more visibility into your data.

As an award-winning platinum BlackLine partner, we bring:

  • Deep technical specialization in BlackLine, enabling more agility, flexibility, and collaboration during implementation
  • Record-to-report process knowledge, toolkits, and accelerators to help you integrate BlackLine solutions
  • Strong project delivery capabilities to execute high-quality, efficient implementations and drive value
  • A scalable, user-focused approach tailored to your organization’s goals and values
  • Relationships across BlackLine that help increase efficiency and response rates and streamline customer service
  • Data and mindshare at every step of the process to keep your organization looking forward

We’re a leader in spearheading complex BlackLine implementations with more than 300 successful go-lives across modules at over 100 global organizations. Using BlackLine’s platform as a catalyst, we’ll help modernize your approach to accounting and arm you with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

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