Intercompany and core rollout

Project overview and objectives

When an electronic component and enterprise computing solution company came to us to simplify their intercompany accounting processes through BlackLine, this is where they stood:

  • Their disparate ERP landscape and inconsistent global processes made it challenging to stay on top of leading practice; they opted for various tools in an effort to systematically enforce best practices within the intercompany space
  • They faced a lack of understanding and insight into the current state process and struggled to inform a standardized global solution across business segments in North America, EMEA, and APAC

What we did

Here’s where we came in:

  • Analyzed the current state close process to identify both process improvements and opportunities to leverage various technologies to standardize and enforce leading practices
  • Hosted process interviews with global leaders and documented observations and pain points to develop technical recommendations for a future state implementation roadmap design
  • Relied on process interviews and leading practice to create a sustainable solution that tackled key needs while uncovering areas for further improvement


So where are they now? They have:

  • A thorough understanding of current state accounting processes, a formalized roadmap for process improvements, and a detailed project plan for the long-term implementation of all BlackLine modules—including Intercompany Hub, Alteryx, and over 40 process recommendations across EMEA, APAC, and North America
  • Process and technology solutions that yielded over a 99% match rate for intercompany transactions

Ready to transform your intercompany accounting processes? We’re here to helplearn more about what we do with BlackLine. 

Project detail


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