SEDAR reporting set up

Project overview and objectives

A mid-size Toronto real estate investment firm engaged our team to do a complete Workiva document design and set up compliant with quarterly and annual SEDAR reporting (System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval) materials. The project goals?

  • Consolidate financial statements and notes, MD&A and earnings release, and three private fund company financial statements
  • Create a customized management deck in Workiva containing KPI and trend analysis, financial statement analytics, and easy-to-understand budget-to-actual comparisons

What we did

It’s no surprise our client was eager to begin using Workiva—in fact, they wanted to close the first quarter with the new software. We delivered. After closing the books on a Wednesday, Friday afternoon brought the CFO a complete, new SEDAR reporting package (including financials, MD&A, and earnings release). Under previous workflows, this would have taken an entire week to produce and finalize. But that’s not all. We also:

  • Prepared detailed documentation and training materials that included step-by-step instructions for Workiva processes
  • Offered on-site training to the involved reporting team, ensuring a smooth transition and guiding them through the Workiva software


After onboarding such a powerful reporting function and automating their SEDAR reporting set up, the team already expressed excitement in expanding the Workiva platform to other areas of their business. They saw immediate improvements, such as:

  • Significant productivity gains from increased reporting speed and improved document control and accuracy
  • Automated or partially-automated dates, comparative information, rounding, working paper reconciliations, performance metrics, and data pulled from GL to Workiva
  • A validation model that checks the accuracy and consistency of over 500 individual data points within GL data

If you are balancing varying reporting requirements and find that it is hindering your ability to think strategically about the future of your business, learn more about how Workiva can simplify your reporting.

Project detail

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