Giving back for our 6th annual Founder’s Day

November 19, 2021

On Friday, November 5, Clearsulting celebrated the sixth anniversary of its founding. As is tradition, Clearsulting team members across the world volunteered with their local teammates or remotely as individuals. Activities ranged from serving at the Salvation Army, prepping meals at the City Mission, painting and landscaping at a home for individuals with developmental disabilities, repairing bikes donated to the homeless, donating blood, cleaning up neighborhoods, and more! At the conclusion of the morning’s volunteering efforts, team members were encouraged to take some well-earned time off to celebrate this firmwide holiday.

Team members enjoyed highlighting the Clearsulting core values of accountability and teamwork by giving back to their local communities on Founder’s Day. A few team members expressed what Founder’s Day means to them:

“With the working week as busy as it is, finding time to give back and contribute locally is often a major challenge. That is why I am thankful that at Clearsulting, instead of just doing the usual “Corporate Social Responsibility days” that inevitably never get taken, we have the opportunity on our Founder’s Day to really give back and contribute. This Founder’s Day I took the opportunity to clean up the local Heath area, collecting lots of rubbish that had been left around and despoiled and polluted the local area. I’m proud to be a member of the Clearsulting team.” – Chris Robinson, Solution Owner, London, ENG

“Being able to take the initiative and reflect the compassion of these organizations that fill a much-needed hole in the community was a truly special experience.” – Daniel Dilzell, Senior Analyst, Denver, CO

“November 5th was my first Founder’s Day and it was certainly a day to remember. When I showed up and saw all of my new coworkers, it fueled the joy inside me to be helping those in need. Being able to get out into the yard and transform the landscaping from overgrown leaf pits to raked out, brick-lined beds really made the place go from a house to a home. Everyone was so willing to pitch in and get their hands dirty–a great representation of teamwork. The day inspired me to join a 5K for charity in Downtown Cleveland at the end of November!” – Deidra Inman, Strategic Alliances Representative, Cleveland, OH



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