Marc Ursick named a Crain’s Notable Entrepreneur

October 26, 2021

Marc Ursick, founder and CEO of Clearsulting, was named a notable entrepreneur by Crain’s Cleveland Business in their 2021 list. We sat down with Marc to reflect on this accomplishment. Here’s what he had to say.

Q: How does being named on Crain’s list of notable entrepreneurs feel?

Marc: The growth of Clearsulting is a team effort. The journey has been amazing because of the phenomenal teammates I have the honor of working with on a daily basis. Clearsulting would not exist without everyone on the team being bought into the mission of our company. I also attribute it to each team member living our core values of grit, accountability, teamwork, growth mindset, and joy, and being culture champions at all levels within the company. It really sets us apart from others in the market.

Q: Why did you start Clearsulting?

Marc: One of the reasons I started Clearsulting was that I saw a huge flaw in the way the consulting industry operates. Too much focus and pressure from the top is placed on revenue metrics, utilization KPIs, and profitability. This causes stress and turnover of top performing team members, ultimately leading to inconsistent delivery quality to clients. I call this working in a “transactional” atmosphere.

Our strategy is much different. We aggressively invest in creating the best ecosystem the industry has ever seen. This attracts and retains the best talent in the market who are eager to grow and put their handprint on something special. As a result, we consistently exceed expectations across projects and our clients are eager to continue working with us on future efforts.

Q: How do you scale your special culture as you continue to add team members?

Marc: Since day one, culture has been our number one priority—and it’s gained strength every year since our inception. In 2015 we had three team members. Today we have more than 150 team members—all while protecting our ecosystem.


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