Your guide to BlackLine optimization

Closing the books. Processing month-end. Whatever your organization calls it, your goals are likely the same: simplify the process and make it efficient to produce strategic insights to guide decision-making.

If you want to embrace a culture of continuous improvement where people are engaged and empowered to collaborate, it’s time to make the most out of your technology ecosystem—starting with your use of BlackLine. We’re sharing some insights we think can help.

Time-to-value analysis: Efficiency in BlackLine

We’ve broken out 4 key BlackLine modules to help you understand quick wins, what to avoid, where to make investments, and what to prioritize as you digitize your workflows.

Read the blog.

Structuring your financial systems governance council

BlackLine governance and continuous improvement is critical for long-term platform success. Setting up a global governance council can help—creating one center of excellence (COE) to align your global strategy and drive policy decisions.  

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Interconnected dashboards for a more effective close

Building additional analytic capabilities helps communicate value to your stakeholders, giving you real-time insight into the KPIs affecting your close and what is needed to improve day-to-day decisioning.

Explore the dashboards that have helped our clients drive accountability throughout the close on our blog.

BlackLine matching: Pass rules and evaluation criteria

BlackLine transaction matching enables users to automatically match and reconcile transactions efficiently and effectively. That means less time spent on manual reconciliation, relying instead on matching logic to shorten the period-end close. 

Explore the key features and learn more about pass rules and use case evaluation criteria on our blog.

Need additional BlackLine assistance?

Balancing quarterly releases, upskilling, and system administration responsibilities can be challenging—sometimes you just need an extra set of hands. Across outsourced finance system administration and staff augmentation, we’ve got you covered. 

How we can support you:

  • Seamless version upgrades, including analysis, testing, and enhancements
  • Certified, leading practice-focused system administration
  • Proactive issue resolution—we’ll handle the technicalities; you focus on your business

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