Project: Payroll W2 Reconciliation transformation

Client: Global Fashion Retailer

Project Overview & Objectives:

A global fashion retailer was unable to reconcile employee W2’s with source payroll data, resulting in significant risk of unknown W2 misstatements.

The company engaged Clearsulting to design and implement a W2 data reconciliation process using BlackLine Transaction Matching as the reconciliation tool. Goals of this project were to:

  • Reconcile both HR source system and actual W2 data from ADP
  • Enable testing of W2 data for the complete employee population
  • Quickly identify and report on specific W2 errors

The Clearsulting Delivery / Value:

  • Designed and implemented a future state W2 reconciliation process
  • • Reviewed current state documentation and manual reconciliation process

    • Documented future state data flow and reconciliation requirements

    • Designed and documented future state process to satisfy all business requirements

  • Implemented BlackLine Matching tool to complete W2 reconciliation process
  • • Liaised with client IT and BlackLine development to develop and test data imports

    • Documented future state configuration design for source data and ADP matching

    • Configured and tested matching solution based on approved design

    • Trained end users on using the matching module and executing the future state W2 reconciliation

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