Clearsulting Client and Third Party Code of Conduct

Clearsulting’s rules and standards of conduct are essential to a productive work environment. As such, we hold all team members to a high standard in following the Firm’s rules and standards, which are rooted in the Clearsulting Core Values: GRIT, Growth Mindset, Joy, Accountability, and Teamwork. Unprofessional behavior is damaging to our team, our clients, our communities, and ourselves. Professionalism includes honesty and respect for colleagues, clients, and peers. Continual self-reflection about one’s attitudes and behaviors must occur as one strives to be a better professional.

In the same way we hold our team members to a high standard in following a strict firm code of conduct, we expect our clients and the people we do business with to do the same. This Client Code of Conduct reflects the behaviors and values that apply to all clients, suppliers, partners, contractors, groups, and people we conduct business with. Clearsulting understands that this code does not cover all scenarios or situations, but does, however, offer guidance on how to behave while working alongside all Clearsulting team members in all regions of the world.

Professionalism practices

We ask that all clients and those we do business with to display good judgment during interactions, communications, and working events with all Clearsulting team members. While not intended to be an all-inclusive list, the examples below represent the behaviors that are strictly prohibited by Clearsulting team members, employees of Clearsulting clients, and those who we do business with.

  • Discriminatory actions or comments as it relates to age, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, national origin, race, or religion
  • Fighting or threatening violence
  • Making maliciously false statements about a Clearsulting team member
  • Threatening, intimidating, coercing, or otherwise interfering with the job performance of a Clearsulting team member
  • Making sexual or other unlawful or unwelcome harassment-based actions such as inappropriate touching or abuse
  • Making sexual or other unlawful or unwelcome comments that are sexual or inappropriate in nature

Business practices

We strive to build productive and trusting relationship with our clients. In order to accomplish this, we ask our clients and those who we do business with to follow these best practices:

  1. Never engage in illegal and or unethical bribery or corruption.
  2. Always honor business obligations and manage disputes or issues in a productive and timely manner.
  3. Hold employees accountable to internal policies and best practices.
  4. Maintain strict standards as it relates to anti-trust and fair competition laws.

Labor practices

Additionally, we rely upon our clients and those who we do business with to hold the same high standards we have set as a firm as it relates to modern slavery and human trafficking. For more information on Clearsulting’s commitments and expectations on this topic, please visit our Modern Slavery and Human trafficking policy located on our firm website.

Our commitment to creating a trusted partnership.

We value our clients and hope to create a responsible and trusted partnership. As a firm, we commit to holding ourselves accountable to ensuring our work environment remains healthy and productive for both our team members, contractors, and for our clients. In the same way we ask clients and those whom we do business with to show appropriate behavior and ensure ethical business practices, our team members are expected to follow our strict internal code of conduct and firm policies when working with clients. Should there be concerns of misconduct or that one of the prohibited behaviors has been displayed, all Clearsulting team members, employees of clients, and those we do business with should report the incident to the Human Resources Team immediately by emailing

As a firm we strive to continue to grow and learn from our areas of opportunity. Because of this, our Client Code of Conduct may be updated from time to time to better fit our standards.