Categorize your reporting. Accelerate time-to-value. 

If you’re embarking on a digital transformation, it’s important to know the hallmarks of a successful project and how to get there. One of the game changers? The delivery of reliable, concise, insightful, and auditable reports. With a focus on the reporting output, teams can accelerate time-to-value, enhance adoption, and demonstrate tangible results—and breaking them down into categories can help. Here are the three we recommend: 

1. Compliance and regulatory 

These reports cater to the specific requirements of governing bodies, adhering to well-defined standards. They must provide clear, precise results and be documented for a designated period. Well-crafted compliance reports can serve as a competitive advantage, especially in recruitment as they provide transparency into the state of your organization.    

2. Financial 

When compiling external financial reports meant for the market and key stakeholders, having standardized formats and content enhances data interpretation—which is key if the results are meant to support data-backed organizational planning. And integrating compliance, regulatory, and management reporting can present a more comprehensive perspective (e.g., annual reports) of your current-state. 

3. Management  

Reports in this category support real-time management decision-making. They are tactical, often detailing specific points in time. A connected data platform can help, making it easy to trace sources and feel confident in the insights you collect.   

For more reporting best practices, check out our tips for starting the reporting year strong.

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