Stay a step ahead with CPM

Having access to quick and accurate insights on the financial and operational health of your organization is critical—and for most organizations, a table stakes requirement. We’re talking about the kinds of insights leaders need to make strategic decisions, day in and day out. And the kind that keep you a step ahead.

You’re probably swimming in data that can help you identify and resolve your top strategic and operational pain points. The challenge is being able to properly harness, analyze, and use that data effectively. So why’s that so hard to do?

For starters, many organizations face a lack of centralization in their data systems and sources. They rely on a disparate portfolio of ad hoc tools and solutions working with a complex mix of systems and tools. This ultimately leads to inefficiencies and increased manual efforts. Does this sound like you? Let’s find out.

Test your current capabilities

Is your organization ahead of the curve or at risk of falling behind? These questions will help you identify areas where there’s still progress to be made—and where OneStream’s unified intelligent finance platform for corporate performance management (CPM) can help.

  • Can you integrate and review data from disparate sources?
  • Do you no longer need to look in multiple systems for relevant data to inform decision making?
  • Can you drill down into service area or product level details within trend charts?
  • Do you have transparency into your data across platforms to meet your needs and comply with regulations?
  • Do you have a simple way to get a snapshot of your organization’s financial health?
  • Do you regularly track KPIs and monitor priority item metrics?
  • Can you provide the right level of insight to executives and board members in a timely manner?
  • Are operating margins determined with minimal manual effort?
  • Can you find meaningful data to support predictions and adjustments for capacity and available resources?

Give yourself a point for every “yes” response. Now check your score:

10 = You’re a rockstar!
5-9 = You’re on the right track. Let’s talk about how to get you to a 10.
0-4 = It’s time to make sense of all your data. We know a team that can help.

Are you ready?

The window for making strategic decisions is getting tighter every day, especially as the implications of those decisions grow. That’s why it’s never been more important to develop and sustain the capacity to answer specific, actionable questions on financial and operational issues—the secret sauce to being a step ahead.

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