BlackLine optimization and expansion

Project overview and objectives

A home improvement retail company engaged our team to optimize and expand their use of BlackLine. At project onset, they faced:

  • An over-centralization of BlackLine administrative duties that drove excess manual volume and deprioritized transformational initiatives
  • Minimal governance across close processes for a consistently subpar use of BlackLine modules
  • Difficulty monitoring and assessing progress of critical close milestones
  • Limited executive-level dashboarding capabilities across core accounting processes

What we did

We focused on sustainable change, like:

  • Aligning team on organizational initiatives that maximized automation, elevated the technology stack, and increased a focus on time-to-value
  • Developing targeted initiatives by module to reduce manual effort, improve close management, enhance governance, and increase visibility into critical close milestones


By go-live, there was massive improvement in their overall processes. To name a few:

  • An empowered management team that can better monitor the status of tasks and relevant dependencies for onshore and offshore team members via real time dashboards
  • A reduction in time-to-close by eliminating nearly 40% of manual reconciliations through a risk-driven reconciliation process and threshold, matching over 90% of transactions automatically for targeted scenarios, and populating 450+ manual journal entry templates
  • A dynamic framework for easy review of financial close status and performance—from an organization-wide level to a subprocess level

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Project detail

Financial close

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