OneStream staff augmentation and advisory support

Project overview and objectives

When one mining company came to us, they had implemented OneStream but lacked the immediate bandwidth and expertise to administer the new software. That meant:

  • End users and administrators were still learning the best practices processes within OneStream and required extended training and advisory
  • Internal teams saw challenges with entity maintenance, like disposition, disposal, and additions, as well as executing on identified automation opportunities, like application alignment

What we did

Our job? To evaluate the organization’s true OneStream needs, determine the best fit-for-purpose resource mix to address ongoing support, and execute improvement opportunities​ within the platform. To support the organization’s changing business environment and responsibility structure, we also aligned entities and workflows for the day-to-day administration of OneStream.


With some extra hands and training, we helped the team:

  • Update workflow structures to remove unnecessary certification levels, which helped shorten the close cycle
  • Enhance formulas for cash flow and retained earnings calculations for disposed entities, based on a time-stamped entity text property that delivered automated cashflow
  • Clean up data sources to read entity directly from the source file, and create composite transformation rules to map accounts based on entity
  • Create a repeatable OneStream administration process, improving efficiencies for administrators

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Project detail


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