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Are your record-to-report processes holding you back? It’s time to embrace a culture of continuous improvement, engage and empower team collaboration, and strengthen your technology ecosystem. And BlackLine might just solve your problems—connecting your processes and reducing your reliance on distributed resources.

So where does Clearsulting fit in? We’re a leader in spearheading complex BlackLine implementations and have over 300 successful go-lives across modules at over 100 global organisations to show for it. Using BlackLine’s platform as a catalyst, we’ll modernise your approach to accounting and arm you with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

Already using BlackLine? No problem. Don’t discount that your processes will change over time, and that endless new features are released every quarter. When it’s time to take a closer look and unlock exciting ROI, we’re here. And in the meantime, keep scrolling to see what we’ve got planned at BeyondTheBlack EMEA 2024.

Implement the BlackLine platform

A tool like BlackLine can help your team define integrated processes and enhance data visualisation and reporting. The result? More time for value-add, strategic activities. Whether it’s laying the foundation for, implementing, integrating, or enhancing your platform, we’re here.

Explore our BlackLine-based offerings.

Optimise your platform and processes

Are you taking full advantage of BlackLine’s capabilities? If not, we can help change that by unlocking cutting-edge features, identifying and alleviating pain points, and providing fresh perspective. Best of all? There’s zero investment required.

Explore our optimisation workshop.

Rethink intercompany

Investing in intercompany process enhancement opportunities can help capture substantial benefits, like increased automation, minimised manual activity, reduced out-of-balance positions, improved quality, and cost savings. Among other things, you’ll also find it easier to analyse end-to-end trade flows and execute accurate taxing policies and transfer pricing agreements.

Learn about our approach to intercompany with BlackLine.

We’re presenting!

Elevate your BlackLine platform

Join our experts and gain insights on how to achieve the maximum benefit from your BlackLine platform. Our interactive session aims to leave you armed with knowledge to tackle your finance transformation journey.

  • Learn from us: The dos and don’ts of transformation
  • Learn from our customers: Optimisation use cases

Meet the team

Here’s who will be at BeyondTheBlack EMEA

  • Tim Nicholls, EMEA Market Lead
  • Andy Nicholls, Head of Commercial
  • Dan Beaufait, Director
  • Brad Mclean, Director
  • Phil Jones, Consulting Director
  • Aliya Jabbar, R2R Practice Lead
  • Brock Beisel, Treasury Practice Lead

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