Healthcare focus: Connect the dots across operations

With the introduction of telemedicine, the shift to value-based patient care, pressure to reduce out-of-pocket expenses while the cost for technology and labor continue to increase—to name a few—industry pressures are requiring healthcare organizations to rethink their current financial and operational capabilities. You want and need more centralized, organized, efficient approaches that can help connect the dots across back-office operations, patient care delivery, finance and accounting, and more. But where do you start?

It’s time for a new approach

Many forward-thinking healthcare leaders are placing corporate performance management (CPM) capabilities near the top of their agenda. They require insights based on historic and current data to inform decisions about the near- and long-term future. It takes unified, corporate performance management tools capable of drawing from and analyzing a wide range of data sources.

Fortunately, successful new approaches to designing, implementing, and operating healthcare-specific systems for delivering data-driven insight and foresight have already begun to emerge, drawing from the experiences of other industries as well as from advanced healthcare organizations already on this journey. While they are rooted in financial data and systems, they rely heavily on non-financial data from all parts of the organization as well.

Practical insights for decision making

A unified corporate performance management solution like OneStream can offer a range of capabilities, tailored to the unique needs of healthcare.

  • Unlock the value of your data. OneStream replaces multiple legacy systems with a unified application that integrates financial and operational data across the enterprise, streamlining financial close, consolidation, and reporting.
  • Real-time insights and answers. The OneStream platform combines best practices in analytics and finance to provide real-time insights, helping you make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions.
  • Reduced manual efforts, increased automation. OneStream replaces the manual work of analyzing data and sharing the results. It operationalizes production of insights to a wider range of users, so they’re automatically armed with information that fits their needs and the decisions they commonly make.

Find your answers

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