Closing and embedding controls through OneStream

Project overview and objectives

When a manufacturing and distribution company came to us, their model of acquisitive growth left them with over 180 active business entities spanning 40+ ERPs. This complex environment made it hard to gain visibility into real-time status and financials, and they relied heavily on Excel for their consolidation process. What they needed? One source of truth for reporting, greater accountability, and quick wins to bolster support for wider organizational change through OneStream.

What we did

In any project, there are a few keys to success—like finding the right team that can turn your investment into big ROI. That’s where we came in, facilitating executive alignment to: 

  • Identify key stakeholders and a range of participants, ensuring a collaborative environment for the future state vision and user-adoption
  • Review current state processes and policies, considering all potential improvement opportunities
  • Analyze the IT landscape to determine technical requirements


By the end of the project, we successfully eliminated time-consuming, manual processes, increased accountability and strengthened controls, and created a flexible and dynamic reporting structure. Here’s how:

  • Provided detailed implementation roadmap to guide new technology implementation and integration
  • Addressed technical requirements and data integration plans upfront, mitigating areas of project risk due to their diverse and challenging landscape
  • Created a deployment strategy to clearly define next steps and key considerations
  • Designed an implementation strategy including objectives around improving technologies, controls, people, and processes

So where’s this organization now? They’re continuing to optimize while using OneStream as the bridge for migration to a new single ERP.

Want to expand your confidence in your data and business processes? We can help. Learn more about what we do with OneStream.

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