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Becoming a true partner to the business is easier said than done. It requires automating manual tasks, integrating data from across the organization, learning from it, and using it to drive decision making. Having the right technology, like OneStream, can make this a reality and provide your finance team with trusted data to channel into planning and forecasting, as well as enhance and automate financial close and consolidation.

And if you’ve been using OneStream for a while, it’s likely time to take a closer look at the policies and controls surrounding your financial processes—optimizing where you can.

No matter where you are on your journey, we’ll work with you to automate tasks and free your people to focus on strategic activities with OneStream. Here’s a deeper look at what we’re sharing at OneStream Splash 2024.

Implement the OneStream platform

OneStream’s unified intelligent finance platform can reduce the complexity of financial operations and increase automation by addressing your people, processes, controls, and greater technology landscape. Whether it’s laying the foundation for, implementing, or enhancing and expanding your platform, we’re here.

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Enhance and expand your processes

To get the most bang for your buck, you should be conducting regular reviews of the policies and controls surrounding your financial processes—and optimizing where you can. We’ll help you unlock cutting-edge features, identify and alleviate pain points, and forge a path for expansion.

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Drive results

We’ve helped organizations across a variety of industries realize value through their approach to planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

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The Moody’s journey

Tuesday, May 21st | 1:15 PM PT

Moody’s was looking for an efficient, unified solution to implement and perform driver-based planning and rolling forecast processes. They embarked on a journey transform their planning enable their teams greater insights for strategic decision making. With the vision to standardize and integrate FP&A modeling to enable data-driven business insights, streamline the planning processes, decrease time spent on manual activities, and facilitate timely reporting and analysis, Moody’s selected OneStream. 

We’re walking you through:  

  • Their challenges and the complexities of the current state planning processes
  • Why they chose OneStream and their long-term vision with the platform
  • An innovative solution for Contract Revenue forecasting
  • The positive change OneStream enabled for their organization

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