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Freeing up your people for value-added activities is but one goal when transforming your approach to S2P. Another is realizing the efficiency, accuracy, and control you need to drive procurement, finance, and technology excellence. We understand how critical it is to eliminate unnecessary steps, while also automating and optimizing to ensure your downstream payments, upstream sourcing, invoicing, and master data are in sync and linked across systems.

Been using Coupa for a while? As your organization grows and evolves, so do your processes—and not always for the better. Regular reviews should happen, and any manual processes weeded out. They create an array of tactical issues and reduce visibility into status, cost, and performance. Fraud, overpayments, and operational waste are tougher to spot and address too.

Wherever you are on your journey, we’ll help you reduce friction and create better experiences using the Coupa BSM platform. Here’s a deeper look at what we’re sharing at Coupa Inspire 2024.

Implement the Coupa platform

Coupa is the tool in the S2P toolbox, spanning every business activity from initial supplier research and negotiations to invoicing and final payment for goods received. Whether it’s laying the foundation for, implementing, integrating, or enhancing your platform, we’re here.

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Optimize your platform and processes

Now that Coupa is engrained in your organization, why not take a fresh look and see where thoughtful calibration can get you even more ROI? After all, evolution is natural! Whatever the maturity of your S2P operation with Coupa, there’s opportunity to eliminate unnecessary steps, optimize the ones you need, and automate where possible across the S2P continuum.

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Make P2P touchless

Touchless P2P may seem like a monumental undertaking. After all, you’re struggling with some significant legacy processes and technology. You have stakeholders who have a vested interest in improving P2P but may not want to lead this initiative. And your business is dealing with too many tactical issues, due to disconnected data and manual intervention.

Automated P2P can increase your data visibility and supply chain agility. With supplier controls, you could capitalize on preferential terms, such as volume discounts and better finance terms. You’d also combat procurement policy violations more effectively, while avoiding costs like tax fines.

Whether you work in sourcing, procurement, finance (including treasury), or legal, you have a vested interest in achieving touchless P2P. Learn how to make touchless P2P a reality.

Enable your suppliers

Coupa has incredible capability—granting your team seamless supplier onboarding, invoice matching, and purchase order tracking. To make this a reality, it requires tight orchestration across stakeholders—even your suppliers. And if they’re still feeling the growing pains of the new technology, you’re leaving the benefits of your investment on the table.

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Drive results

We’ve helped organizations across a variety of industries realize value through their approach to source-to-pay.

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